School Counseling Services Overview

    • Individual Counseling- One-on-one meetings counselors have with students. Counselors assist students with varying issues related to personal/social, career, and academics.

    • Group Counseling- A small group of students meet with the counselor to work on skills related to conflict resolution, social skills, career exploration, educational skill building, and more. Groups are designed to help students build relationships, social skills, and for sharing ideas.

    • Classroom Lessons- Counselor led/taught classroom lessons.

    • Student Appraisal- The counselor collects information about a student regarding grades, student ability, and behaviors and presents the information to the parents and teachers in order to help them, as a team, make an informed decision on the student's instructional needs or placement. 

    • PBIS Team Member- Assists teachers/staff in implementing Positive Behavior Intervention within the school through presenting students with Golden Tickets when they display positive behavior within the school. This is implemented in order to reinforce positive behavior. 

    • Tier II Coordinator- Helps implement supports for students who are having difficulty meeting school-wide behavior expectations through use of data collection.

    • Consultation- When a counselor meets and discusses student's progress with teachers and parents in order to ensure appropriate services are being given/provided to the student.
    • Agency Referrals- When a student needs more services than the school counselor can provide the counselor will refer the student to outside agencies.

    • Collaboration- The counselor works as a team with teachers, administration, and parents in order to come up with strategies and ideas to support students.

    • CASST-

    • Attendance- Meets with students and parents to improve students school attendance in order to increase student academic success.

    • Leadership Team Member-  
Last Modified on August 5, 2015